Official Heights Flower Guide To Dr. Greenthumb's Dispensaries In California

 Launched in 2018, Dr. Greenthumb’s has rapidly expanded to offer more cannabis products to more communities. Now, you can find Dr. Greenthumb's weed dispensaries all over California. Each dispensary carries premium flower, concentrates, and edibles from several high quality companies.

Continue reading to learn more about the products you can find at select Dr. Greenthumb's dispensaries and a new store location.

Dr. Greenthumb's Retail Locations in California


In the bustling heart of downtown Los Angeles, you can find a Dr. Greenthumb's dispensary nearby. This store carries several recreational THC products in a wide range of prices. If you want great products under $25, you can purchase several strains from Crush cannabis in 3.5 gram amounts for $20 each. The DTLA location carries Crush flower strains such as Juice, Rainbow, Smukies, and more.

You can also buy mid-range flower in the $25 to $50 range, such as Dab Daddy indica strains like Grrranimals and Ice Cream Cake. If you are a fan of hybrid strains you can also find Original Glue and Wedding Cake from the same company.

Lastly, if you are looking for a product in the $50 to $100 range, try ZtrawberrieZ by DNA Genetics. It has around 20.2% THC/A and may help treat depression, anxiety, pain, and/or stress.

La Mesa

The products at the La Mesa location are hand-picked by B-Real and the budtenders to make your experience memorable, personable, and informed.

At this dispensary you can find a variety of potent vape cartridges, delicious flower, pre-rolls, and more. For instance, you can grab Big Chief's cartridges in Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, Blackwater OG, and Blackberry Kush strains as well as Triple Scoops and Honcho Lato in flower form.

Interested in pre-rolls? The La Mesa retail location carries those too. You can purchase Jetty Extracts pre-rolls in flavors Alien OG, Dogtown OG and Chem Reserve.

If you like getting the best deal, you can check out their store calendar to see what the daily deal is and plan ahead for the future. 


San Diego

The La Mesa Dispensary site shares a menu and discount with the San Diego location. In this location they offer everything from the last store and more, however, the same products discussed here are also at La Mesa. This includes the 15% you can save when you pre-pay for your online order.

You can find Apollo premium flower in 28 gram amounts at the San Diego Location. It comes in the flavors Spring Valley Haze, East County OG, and Blue Dream, among others.

If flower isn't your thing, this location also carries an assortment of powerful extracts as well. You can purchase Feeling Frosty live rosin extracts in Passion Punch, KC36, and Bay Breeze. Each extract comes in 1-gram amounts and can cost $77 without discounts before tax. 

Soon: LAX

With Dr. Greenthumb's reach all over California, it's no wonder why they want to open another location. Soon, a Dr. Green Thumb's retail location will be coming soon to LAX. Certainly, this dispensary will be offering a similar range of premium products as its other stores, so stay tuned for the opening date.

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