Heights Flower Mt. Gelato Strain: Sweet Bubblegum Flavors And Supreme Relaxation

The Heights Flower Mt. Gelato strain is an indica-dominant hybrid like no other. There are plenty of Gelato varieties that are out there today, but ours is a little more special. After careful and timely research, we finally found the perfect variation to call our own.

The Mt. Gelato strain stands out because of its sweet taste. It gives off pink bubblegum sorbet flavor that lingers on the palate even after the exhale. Furthermore, the aroma is citrusy and reminiscent of Sweet Tarts candy with a sour, fruity after-taste that tingles the nose. With this sweet flavor profile, you'll feel like a kid in a candy shop when you open up the packaging.

Mt. Gelato

Mt. Gelato Strain

The Mt. Gelato strain comes from an extremely potent Sunset Sherbet cross—both of its parent strains have a high amount of peppery and spicy caryophyllene terpenes.

The Sunset Sherbet strain is also an indica-dominant hybrid strain, however it is made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties. The other parent strain has a much more kush-ridden, gassy, and spicy lineage.

Because of its potent parents, the Mt. Gelato strain contains over 20% THC. The nugs are dense and light green with beautiful hues of violet speckled throughout. Additionally, there are milky white trichomes covering every visible inch of its surface and interior.

mt gelato

Mt. Gelato Effects

The high from smoking the Mt. gelato strain might be a very relaxing one. Consumers say they feel a potentially light tingling sensation throughout their entire bodies almost immediately after smoking. A few puffs might produce a muscle relaxing and pain relieving experience for any regular user. Because of this, it's recommended to smoke at night or when you are in need of pain relief. Also because of it high cannabinoid count, beginners should proceed with caution.

Find The Mt. Gelato Strain In California

Throughout California, you can find premium cannabis products by Heights Flower. Our Mt. Gelato strain is available at famous dispensaries such as Cookies, Lemonnade, and Dr. Greenthumb's. Visit our store locator to find the dispensary or deliver nearest you with our top-shelf offerings.

About Heights Flower

The Heights grows premium LA Indoor hand-trimmed flower that is consciously packed in an eco-friendly, compostable, mylar bag. Additionally, our team of artisan cultivators produces flower with flavorful smoke and buds that are rich in color. In short, the Heights Flower Co. grows unique, in-house strains you won’t find anywhere else. 

We have 55 retailers in California, with over 25 businesses in the Los Angeles area. Furthermore, the business has attended many cannabis-centric conventions such as Hall of Flowers and more, signaling our place in the cannabis space.

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