The Official Heights Flower Guide to Cookies Cannabis Dispensaries in California

Cookies is a household name for flower, genetics, and even fashion. On top of that, their retail locations offer an innovative way to shop and enjoy other leading Californian brands. We know a thing or two about crafting high-quality flower and cannabis products. Our own Heights Flower is hand-trimmed and packaged with care in LA. You can find our freshest drops at Cookies cannabis dispensaries throughout California.

We not only provide premium flower, we also help elevate the conversation around cannabis with education and experience. The Cookies retail experience is a great way to find your favorite Cookies products as well as other brands that hold the same standards. You can find our top shelf flower at Cookies Retailers like Melrose, Woodland Hills, Maywood, and more.

Each Cookies retail space has a variety of Heights Flower products so no matter where you are in Cali—you can find something to satisfy you. We’ve been committed to cultivating truly small batch flower by crafting each strain 40 pounds at a time. In 2022, Heights is bringing even more excitement to the cannabis industry in California. Be on the lookout for new strains dropping soon like Lady ZaZa. With any new strain we produce, you can expect unparalleled flavors and high cannabinoid counts.

Moon Pie

Moon Pie is a heavy hitting smoke that isn’t light on the terpenes or THC content. This strain sits at a healthy 32% THC to enjoy responsibly. We have crafted an intensely gassy aroma in the Moon Pie strain. Moon Pie is known as a creeper that might sneak up on you and knock you out. It is also described as having a potentially heady high with soothing physical effects. Those looking for a potentially stress-free sesh can smoke on this strain thoroughly before the couch-lock might set in. Most people who enjoy Moon Pie find that it has a sweet and light flavor despite its initial funky profile.

Mt. Gelato

Mt. Gelato is a candy-coated craft cannabis confection by Heights Flower. We're especially proud of the sweet, funky, and doughy terpene profile of this cut. It is a well-balanced hybrid that might provide a pleasantly uplifting cerebral high and an anxiety-relieving physical calm. Heights’ small batch growing has made Mt. Gelato a new classic for any fan of Gelatos.

When you pop open our eye-grabbing bags of Mt. Gelato, you are greeted with a sweet aroma and an even sweeter smoke. Mt. Gelato might offer users a tingly sensation that runs through the body. Those who use Mt. Gelato might find themselves remaining functional while enjoying decadent layers of dessert-like flavors. 

Lemon Larry OG 

Lemon Larry OG is the latest from Height Flower's small-batch cannabis lineup. This is a citrusy and fruity cultivar that might deliver the ultimate relaxation. Lemon Larry OG is notoriously sweet in flavor and smell. You’ll find that it has a hint of its OG parents but possesses a predominantly ripe fruity taste with a prevailing sweetness.

This strain has a THC content that can’t be beaten. At over 33% THC, a few hits might immediately inject you with uplifting bliss. Heights' Lemon Larry OG comes from our small-batch growing process where we ensure that each package has the highest quality flower.

No matter where you are in California, there's likely a Cookies cannabis dispensary nearby. For anyone visiting California for the first time, visiting a Cookies dispensary is a must to see some of the state's most cutting-edge brands. If you visit our store locator, you can find the nearest Cookies retailer that carries the latest Heights Flower products.

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