New High-THC Heights Flower Strains: Moon Pie and Ooze

Heights Flower produces the highest quality indoor flower grown in the heart of Los Angeles. But, if you think you have a favorite Heights Flower strain, you may need to reconsider. That's because there is two new dessert-like strains on the menu: Moon Pie and Ooze. Continue reading to learn more about these tasty strains.

Moon Pie Strain

The potent Moon Pie strain gives off a sweet aroma, like the treat, with light citrus and fresh doughy notes. The bud is light green with purple flecks throughout. This strain produces great chunky buds that look similar to the GDP's sticky dense buds. 

The strain contains around 32. 91% THC, 0.18% CBD, and 33.88% total cannabinoids. After smoking it, you may taste a gassy, fresh, earthy dank flavor and potentially feel hungry and heavy with a warm body rush.

As a result of its high THC and cannabinoid content, this is a strain that experienced smokers will love, and newbies should take it slow with. To put it into perspective, 20% THC and above strains are usually considered to be high potency.

Ooze Strain

Picture the chocolate oozing from a lava cake; that may be how you feel after smoking this strain. The Ooze strain is a little less potent in THC than Moon Pie, but don't assume that means it's not equally as powerful. With 26.91% THC, 0.12% CBD, and 28.29% total cannabinoids, this strain may pack a heavy and delicious punch. 

Upon smelling the nugs, you get hints of candy, cookies, and dank gas. After smoking the Ooze strain you can taste its smooth smoke and may feel warm and fuzzy inside. This might be great for winding down after a busy day.

The nugs have an unusual but enticing color pallet; they look like icy foxtails with a dark green and reddish-purple hue base. Sparkly trichomes dance around on top and coat the buds like a honey glaze. 

About Heights Flower

In California, we produce about 40lbs of flower at a time, making us a truly small-batch cultivator. This gives the buds unmistakable quality allowing our flower to be found in 56 well-known retailers like Cookies and Dr. Greenthumb's. Our other strains include Mt.Gelato, Supreme Gelato, Lemon Larry OG, Lady ZAZA, and more. 

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